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By Plane

Nampula Airport

International airlines ( Mozambican Airlines, Fastjet Mozambique, Malawian Airlines, Kenya Airways, South African Airways) fly into Nampula Airport.

Mozambican Airlines flies from Beira, Dar es Salaam, Lichinga, Maputo, Pemba and Tete, into Nampula. Fasjet Mozambique flies from Maputo into Nampula. Kenya Airways flies from Lilongwe and Nairobi into Nampula. Malawian Airlines flies from Blantyre and Lilongwe into Nampula. South African Airways flies from Johannesburg OR Tambo into Nampula Airport. Flights are on a daily basis and cost approximately 110 -180 $ USD  estimate one way from Maputo International Airport.  

Nacala Airport

Mozambican Airlines flies twice a week to Nacala Airport from Maputo International Airport, Mozambique with a journey duration of 2hours and 25 minutes approximately. Flights depart Maputo on Mondays and Thursdays.

By Land

From Ibo

Local "chapa" boats or private boats can be taken from Ibo Island to the mainland jetties Quissanga or Tandanhangue. Chapas for 400mzn can be taken to Pemba. Depending on rainy or dry season, the journey to Pemba can take 3 hours on "dry season" road , up to 5 hours on " rainy season" road.  Private cars can be arranged from jetty costing anything from 6000 to 14000 MZN according to negotiations. 


Local minivans / "Chapas" also travel to/from Namialo, Nampula to Pemba on a daily basis.  Feel free to ask our staff further information on travelling to/from Pemba or Ibo to Ilha Mozambique.

The local minivan bus or "chapa" from Pemba to Nampula( approximately 5 hours from Ilha) or Namialo (point closer to Ilha Mozambique - approximately 2 hours from Ilha ) departs from  " Bairro da Rotunda de Aeroporto esta na moda"  and costs approximately 550-600MZN with a journey travel time of  7 hours into Nampula Province. 

From Maputo

The local minivan buses/ "Chapas" from Maputo leave from "Junta" and takes approximately  2-3 days to arrive in Ilha Mozambique. The total cost is approximately 3100 -3500MZN with a distance covered estimate 2250 KM.

Transfers from Airport

Private Transport

Cafe Central arranges private transfers to/ from  Nacala/Nacala Airport for 5500 MZN one way with 1.5 hours max journey duration.

Cafe Central arranges private transfers  to/from Nampula/Nampula Airport for 5500MZN  one way with 2 hours max journey duration.

Private Transfer to or from Pemba /Pemba Airport- to Ilha Mozambique can be arrange for a price of 17000 MZN ,negotiable. 

Public Transport

​Nampula - To reach the bus station, from Nampula Airport, a taxi can cost approximately 150-250 MZN.  The  local minivans leave from "Padaria Nampula" in Nampula City  from  07.30- 16.30  each hour to reach the Ponta connecting Ilha Mozambique with the mainland.   A The journey  from Nampula to Ilha Mozambique  Point takes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, depending on traffic and stops along the way. Approximate costs can vary from 250 MZN -300 MZN one way. A taxi-mota or taxi chupela can then be arranged or negotiated individually for 50 -100mts approximately to reach Cafe Central from the Point.

Nacala -  To reach the "chapa" stop ,  "Nacala Alta -Paragem de Chapas"   from the airport , a taxi transfer to the bus station costs approximately  200-300 MZN. There is also a  chapa stop 200m from the airport where a chapa into the city centre can be taken. The airport is located at distance of 10km from city centre in comparison to Nampula airport which is based in centre.

The local minivans leave from  0730-1630 in Nacala to Ilha. The  bus journey takes approximately 3.5 - 5 hours minimum.  Approximate costs can vary from 250 - 300 MZN one way. 

Be prepared to have patience, water and an adventure!

When you arrive to the Island: Cafe Central is located in Bairro do Museu na Ilha de Mocambique, 2 minutes from Museu de Artes.

At  Café Central, Ilha de Mocambique, we are always happy to hear from you and are ready to answer your questions and ensure you are satisfied with your stay on the illustrious Ilha de Mocambique. Please use the form below or contact us through our email and phone.

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